Is Your Company a Quantum Company?

A. Quantum Company Has 6 Powers, Do You Have Them?
The 6 powers of a Quantum company are what we discovered as key elements in building a successful company. The six powers are

  • The power of Authenticity and a person with a soul mission.
  • The power of a Quantum entrepreneur – a person that lives from his deeper passion and soul mission
  • The power of Quantum leadership – leadership that enable people to live who they are and live what they are passionate about
  • The power of a Quantum Strategy – Which comes from the power of being guided by the very intention and vision
  • The power of a Quantum tribe – which is released when people join forces around a certain cause
  • The power of a Quantum business network

The Quantum Company Difference
When you live what is truly important to you and something that is valuable and good for the world, you become immensely powerful and deeply inspired. Aligning a company makes it powerful and it will start to receive support every stakeholder in and outside the company.

We’ve done it over and over again, see for yourself.

Everything is Connected and The Power of Knowing It
The underlying understanding of a Quantum Company is that everything is connected. The underlying understanding is that when we align everything in a system with an important cause things get into motion and happens.  A company that is fully aligned will go into a state of flow that leads to significant growth and value creation. Everything in and around a Quantum Company is about the relationship with people and things and how that inspires us and amplifies our energy. That is the very fuel of a Quantum Company. Your company can tap into that source.

The 6 Powers in Today’s World
There are numerous examples including  Google, Facebook, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Zappos, Wholefoods are all companies or people that use some or all of the principles of the Quantum Company.
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