How Does It Work?

More Details – The Quantum Company 10 – Step Process

Step 1 – Start with the assessment of whether this system makes sense for the key stakeholdes and whether the company is ready for such initiative.

Step 2 – Establish Corporate manifest with involvement of key stakeholders

Step 3 – Establish the Corporate board with the mandate to execute the Corporate Manifest

Step 4 – Implement best practices for energetic alignment

Step 5 – Develop Quantum Corporate Strategy

Step 6 – Establish Master goals and Kpis with clear organisational structure

Step 7 – Establish management reporting protocols that track and report on the realisation of the corporate manifest.

Step 8 – Run personal personal manifest processes and align organisation and personal incentive

Step 9 – Design business network and supporting business processes

Step 10 – Access and track the implementation

Can Anyone Follow this Process?

No, this process is not for everyone. If you are a not an established professional, or lack determination, this process is not for you.

If that doesn’t describe you, you might need to consider getting started. To start the process we simply have a kickoff meeting where the process is outlined and the 10 steps are laid out and planned with milestones and goals.

The process then runs as a parallel process to the daily operation and management of the company. The key point being that with each step one can see the logic and outcome of the previous step and how that lead to the next step.

Is this Right for My Company?

You are the only one that can determine that. If you are just about profits, or just about systems, you are likely not going to benefit from the Quantum Company Process. However if you resonate with our values and see the pragmatism of placing your company in a disciplined and proven process you should get started by contacting us.

Still, the Quantum Company is relevant for any smart community minded company. However the company and its primary controlling stakeholders need to be ready for the change and the growth. The Quantum Company – 10 steps to make it happen is a integrative approach that enables you to align the company with the very passion and intention that created the company in the first place.

It is a simple yet profound the effect that the implementation of the process has on any company that enrolls in the process. Contact us and see if this if your company is a fit.

Who else does this?

The whole portfolio of companies that we have invested are using the system on multiple levels with success.

Larger successful companies like Google, GE Capital are already using practices like the 10 step proces and framework in part or in whole. See our track record.

Will My Company Embrace the Process?

If they are open to to change and growth there is a high probability that that any team will see the implementation to be more inspired, to amplify the energy of the company and to manage and strategically lead the company in a more meaningful way since its being guided by its very intention and vision.

Can I Put My Toes in the Water and Try This out an a Smaller Scale?

Yes, you can.

The 10 step process can be implemented in steps and very often a company will experience that it already has parts of the steps in place and implemented. The missing part is the fresh look at the company and the assessment of where it needs to further develop. The key part of the system is to integrate and link the company and reinstate link/parts between its different parts where the link is missing. The full effect comes when all steps are implemented, but a slow maturity around single steps often will be the most practical implementation.

See our online programmes.

Resources to Get You Started

You can trial out a part of the system by going through the personal manifest process. Also you can join the 6 powers of a Quantum Company Program and learn about the dimensions of a Quantum Company and how it become powerful and strong by the release of the 6 powers.

Get to know more about founder and author Jakob Algree-Ussing. Or just get started.