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The Quantum Company Process

In 10 powerful steps you will be connecting your company to a deeper passion and aspiration for for doing valuable and good in our world. With the 10 step process you ensure that that your company is in alignment with its deepest intention, purpose and vision. Then that is used to align the whole company; from the mandate given to the board, the strategy, the tracking and business reporting, KPI’s, organization and system /network design holding and connecting the company.

Easy to Use Framework

The Quantum Company process provides an integral framework that is easy to use and implement. And each step is designed to empower, strengthen and align the company. So you can do the implementation incremental and in steps and timed with the resources available to facilitate success. Get started with us.

Will the Process Grow My Company Faster?

The process will enable you to grow and scale the company in a much more effective way. Often a company can grow in one area, but then get out of alignment in other area. Often that stops the growth and create a strong friction or stress in the organization. With the 10 step process you amplify and strengthen the company in a controlled and manageable way. Would you rather fly on your own or take advantage of our proven track record and experience?

What Can You Do For My Company?

Also you can contact us and we can run the process with you and thereby accelerate the process for you. Typically we implement in a stepwise approach where we ensure a combination of short and long term bigger impact.

The starting point is call where we jointly can access whether this is something relevant to you and your organization. We work both with divisions, companies as a whole, boards, owners or investors.

We always need fully committed support from top management and people in charge to facilitate change. The is part of what it means to be a Quantum Company.

Read our Success Stories, or learn more about our company to see if you are a fit.

Experience the Process

You will experience a step wise approach to the empowering and alignment of the whole company. You can certainly do the steps in a more adhoc style where opportunities that arise can be integrated into the full system and the management of the company.

So the system creates clarity and simplicity while you are enable to do the development for the company in steps and areas. With the 10 steps system you get to manage and integrate the company from the very passion, intention and vision that made it valuable in the first place.

The 10 steps process follows a simple and concrete logic that empowers the company in key areas. The 10 step process and framework enables you to manage your company through growth, while still being able to monitor risk and new opportunities.

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What are the Results?

You become a Quantum Company.

Numerous companies around the world have implemented the Quantum Company 10 steps to Make it Happen. It is a simple logic that makes full sense for any strong entrepreneur, leader, investor or change agent.

Over the last 10-15 years the parts of the system have been developed and matured through real life implementation and testing. Only recently has it grown into a full system to governan of a company.

The biggest risk would be not to have a process and framework to build a powerful business. Don’t take our word for it, research our track record.

How Can I Apply the Quantum Company Process?

To get started you can do the two free educational online programs, first is the personal manifest and 6 powers of a Quantum Company program and then you can upgrade to The Quantum Company – 10 steps to make it happen program, At the end of this program you will be a Quantum company process facilitator level 1. See our products.

Step The system, process, tools, framework, and best practice Benefit Key deliverable Who
1 Stakeholder commitment and assessment of relevance Alignment and intention Shareholder and key stakeholder commitment Key stakeholders, founder, and board of directors
2 Establish a corporate manifesto through stakeholder personal manifesto process Empower intention Personal stakeholder manifesto and corporate manifesto Founder, shareholders, stakeholders, and board of directors
3 Establish board mandate, set up board, and establish clear roles and responsibilities Intention Governance Signed manifesto and mandate Board of directors
4 Implement best practices for energetic alignment and assessment using the tools of quantum entrepreneurship Energetic assessment and alignment Intention statements and alignment Board of directors and management
5 Establish corporate strategy based on the Quantum Company strategy board Explain, visualize, and analyze direction and potential Strategy presentation Management and board
6 Establish master KPIs and clear organizational structure Organizational empowerment and implementation Written KPIs Management and operation (board approved)
7 Establish board and management reporting protocols Track manifestation Reporting Management and board
8 Personal alignment and commitment through employee personal manifesto and personal/professional growth commitmentSet personal KPIs, write role and responsibility descriptions, incentives and compensation alignment Individual empowerment Development plan All individuals in company
9 Design of business network and process Ensure design of system for co-creation System design plan Management, employees, and other stakeholders
10 Implement, track and assess stakeholder commitment Understanding and support, co-creation Presentation and agreement of processEnsure catalyst commitment Management and change catalyst

You can read the shorter special abridged version or the full version of the book when these are released.

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