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Quantum Company Success Stories
You can be a Quantum Company success story. Do you have a deeper passion, create extraordinary profits while doing good for the world? If so, get started with us and let’s build a story together.

Akasha United
Being a part of Akasha United – whether as a entrepreneur, partner, investor will connect you to a deep source of knowledge and wisdom on how to build, transform and manage a Quantum Company. It is one of the many reason why you should consider transforming your company into a Quantum Company.

Quantum Company Principles
When following the principles of a Quantum Company you build business from your very passion. Business becomes a more personal thing and we start to work in a more engaged and personal way with everything related to the company. Your life becomes more in sync with who you are privately and possibly you will experience that people will notice that you become more powerful and present.

Getting Started
You simply enroll into the 10 steps programme to make it happen and start executing from step 1. Also If you wish you can contact us and we can then point you to a facillitater that can help the transformation of the company.
If you are interested in our deeper support of you and your company you can contact us and we can further look into whether we can help you as a company.
We support all kinds of companies, so if you have the desire to transform your company into a Quantum Company then start of by enrolling into the free online programmes: Personal Manifest Process, the 6 Powers of an Quantum Company and the more extended programme, The Quantum Company 10 Steps to Make it Happen.
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Do you have any referrals I can contact?
In all collaboration we enter we ensure that you get to know what it means to become a Quantum Company. A part of that process includes that you get to talk to existing entrepreneurs and partners for you, us and them to access the relevance and the resonance before starting up a collaboration. Learn more about us and our track record.

What Others Are Saying about Jakob and The Quantum Company
“In his ground-breaking book, The Quantum Company, Jakob Algreen-ussing opens the door to an entirely new paradigm for business and entrepreneurship. Grounded in his own tremendous success as an entrepreneur and his experience in helping many companies realize their greatest potential for both profit and service in a changing world, he takes the reader step by step through the process of visioning and building a Quantum Company. Using principles of energy and alignment, he shows us a new paradigm for sustainable business in today’s world and tomorrow’s and teaches us how to live into that paradigm. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to create a successful, rewarding, and fulfilling business. It is the model for the future of business that serves the greater good for all.”
– Alan Seale, author of The Manifestation Wheel and Create a World That Works

“It has been an uttermost pleasure and deep experience to get to know Jakob.
He is highly experienced on his field and have folded out his competences throughout our mutual company, I can highly recommend Jakob as a business partner in future projects.

Apart from the business side of things, Jakob has a very warm, open-minded and friendly persona that is wins in every social interaction.”
-Nicolai Schneekloth, Founder & CEO,

“Jakob has been chairman of the board for Mindjumpers during the last 1,5 year. Through ownership by Akasha Ventures of Mindjumpers he have helped us build our business.
As Managing partner for Mindjumpers, Jakob has been a great help in especially the financial and product development aspects of building our agency.
Jakob works with you as an entrepreneur helping you build your business around your passion. He is a constantly helping you to find your energetic alignment, so that you can bring your company to a level you would never have believed.
Jakob also have a really strong focus on business development, and is good at keeping the overall view and coming up with valuable solutions. Another key focus for Jakob is the financial side of building a business, which often is where passionate entrepreneurs fail, and their business ends up closing.
I can highly recommend all passionate entrepreneurs to be working with Jakob – he can truly help build your company and YOU.”
-Jonas Klit Nielsen, Managing partner and co-founder, MINDJUMPERS

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