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What is the Akasha Investment Opportunity?
Investing with Akasha Group enables you to invest in powerful Quantum Companies that do good while creating powerful work environments and opportunities for people to live their passion. We believe that when we impact everything in and around a company in a positive way, then the company becomes supported in a whole different level. It will attract the right people – competent and inspired people.

Quantum Company Framework
With the use of The Quantum Company corporate development framework and best practices gained through real life work experiences we can accelerate the growth of a company. We are simply using the power of a network to develop the business.

Technology Focus
With our investment focus on companies that are internet based or using the internet as a part of their business system with the focus on selected categories, we have a a focus that enable us to create synergy across our portfolio of companies.
We don’t build to sell but build to live and manifest a deeper intention that is valuable and good for the world. We believe focus enables us to sustain our business in the long run and possibly become industry leader in any niche we enter. If we can see any player in a market execute our intention and vision better than we can dom we will try and support that very company through merger and acquisition or a joint venture. We want to support the deeper intention, purpose and vision and we want to make it happen.

What is the Risk?
Since we apply a focus and work with internet companies we advice our investors to diversify across other industries and sectors. The internet is not going to disappear but the way the internet is used and how new technologies disrupt will always transform and change and there could be a risk that we with our practices are following a wrong approach. We handle this risk by being open and agnostic in choice of systems and platforms and each of our portfolio companies are free to try out new practices as along as they can argue that such approach is a likely better and approved approach. See our Track Record.

How Does The Relationship Work?
We work with multiple types of investors:
With senior entrepreneurs and angel investors we co invest and build a focused portfolio with area of expertise.
With private investors, family offices we invest long term in areas of joint focus central to their area of interest and passion.
With VC’s and institutional investors we establish and portfolio collaboration and possible a wider exit oriented investment strategy.
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What are the Numbers?
Often Quantum Companies are passion driven and since we always work with a boot strap methodology we believe that the return /risk on capital is significantly higher than comparative opportunities. We don’t and will never force money into companies, so we will rather make the company be efficient and creative with its resources, so we often invest in the less than the typical VC model. Also we often give our companies more time to find their natural growth and then work to support and further fuel that growth.
We work with investors investing from 500K to 10 MIO US Dollars with us and we mainly work with companies that have proven their concept and and have initial revenues flowing through the company and up to small medium growth company.
All with a global growth potential and always using the internet as a central part of its business system. Review our Track Record.

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If you want to further understand the principles of a Quantum Company : You can sign up for the Quantum Companies online education program, the Six Powers of  a Quantum Company Online Educational Program or find out who you truly are with the Quantum Compass.
You can buy the book The Quantum Company – How to Live you Passion, Create Extraordinary profit, While Doing Good through Business (Will be released during 2011).
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