Become an Advisor

Become a Strategic Partner and be a Part of the Global Quantum Company Movement
If you are a specialised advisor, entrepreneur, business professional, or investor with the urge to build business that enables people to live their passion, create extraordinary profits while doing good for the world then we would very much like to invite you in as strategic partner to our companies.

Akasha Ventures
As a partner of Akasha Ventures you get access to our full frameworks and methodologies. You get access to our best practices and get to connect with our network of companies.
As a strategic partner you get to build a portfolio of shares in companies that match your passion and desires. You get to co invest at special terms and you will become a special advisor to other entrepreneurs and companies. So not only do you get  to work with companies staff,  your also get to grow on a personal and on a professional level.

The Advantages of Working With Us
You will have access to..
– Quantum Company Framework and Methodologies
– Best practices on how to build any aspect of the Quantum Company.
Network of inspired entrepreneurs, that work with companies similar to yours.
Career opportunities by you becoming: special advisor, non executive board member to other portfolio companies
– A portfolio of shares in other Quantum Company growth companies similar to yours and within your areas of interest
Investment opportunities with Akasha Ventures
Opportunity to become a general partner or senior partner of Aakasha ventures.

Test the Waters
You can simply sign up for the online educational programmes and Quantum Company, the 6 powers to a Quantum Company and if you are interested continue on to  the full version,  Quantum Company – the 10 Steps to Make it Happen.
Also you can contact us directly and tell us about your area of speciality.
We suggest that you join the Quantum company – business in flow community and start a group and forum on your special topic of interest. You can also sign up for our online resources.

Joining Our Tribe
We build companies on passion and the intention to do something valuable and good for the world, so you get to work with entrepreneurs who are deeply passionate about their company and therefore interested in getting relevant help and support in making it happen.

More than Just Business Networking
You get to help companies making it happen against a combination cash payment and equity payment.
You get to work with deeply passionate people who want to do good in the world.We are looking forward to hearing for you.