Become a Quantum Company

Is My Company A Quantum Company?
If you made it this far into our website, we know one thing, you are a person that is about more than just business and profit, you want to live your passion and make an impact on the world. That is one of the first criteria. That is just the beginning of the journey. To become an official Quantum Company that enjoys our investment capital and our infrastructure support, you have to meet other criteria that are determined through a screening process. Learn more about becoming a Quantum Company.
As a start you can test your company for its alignment with the 6 powers of a Quantum Company. Take our free Quantum Compass test and see if your company demonstrates some of the powers of a Quantum Company. Or you can contact us directly to begin a dialogue.

How to Be A Quantum Company and Receive Investment Capital
Then inventory your company against the follow list.

  • Has an initially proven concept
  • Is headed by a specialized and deeply passionate entrepreneur and leader who has shown the skill and the will to make it happen
  • Is a movement or tribe that delivers something exciting, important and valuable to its tribe and something good to the world
  • Has supporters and fans
  • Provides value through functionalism, emotionalism and idealism
  • Is based on a potential global niche that serves the “long tail” and potentially the “fat tail”
  • Can be a global number 1 – 5 in its niche and has competitive edge and sustainability
  • Is Internet based or using the internet as a significant part of its business system
  • Is network based and uses network effects
  • Fits our portfolio focus: Network Based Business Support Services; Healthy Earth; Personal Health and Learning; Living and Working; Leisure and Pleasure; Profound Joy and Playfulness; or United Being
  • Its numbers and potential make sense: high up side and potential high margins even at a lower turnover.
  • Is cost optimized and cost efficient – with a relatively low burn and downside
  • Fully funded to break with available and provided resources from Akasha Ventures
  • Corporate alignment between the founder’s deeper mission and the company’s mission
  • Aligns with Akasha Ventures’ mission and vision
  • Is a Networks/company with which we can have fun

If you think you are ready, you can contact us and discuss how we can partner and transform and grow your company into a successful Quantum Company.

The Process – Becoming a Quantum Company
You can sign up for the online educational programme and immediately learn what you can do to build and transform your company into a Quantum company.
The process you can implement alongside the general management and development of the company. It doesn’t take much time. As a matter in fact it will enable you to what you already do in a more efficient, consistent and aligned way. Typically we implement the process over a 3-6 months process and continuously improve the company then moving forward.

Should I contact You Now?
If you want to get started now you can contact us and start getting to know what it means to be a Quantum Company. Often already from the start of the process, we provide companies with valuable input, methodologies and best practices. Even in the very first meetings.

The First Contact, What to Expect
We believe that if a partnership should be happen it is because it just wants to happen. So the main part of our process is to jointly realizing whether working with us makes sense and can make your vision and dreams come true. We simply believe that forcing anything does not make sense and only causes harm. So you will not get pressure from us, and we won’t expect pressure from you.
When you contact us a team of staff will take lead on your contact and ensure that you get in contact with the right and relevant person. If possible, we set up a call to discuss potential and perhaps we have some questions to begin with. You will be speaking with one of our Investment Managers or one of our assisting lead Quantum Company Change facilitators.
Together we will review the possibilities in a collaboration and decide on the next relevant step.
In the meantime, join our online community, review our track record, learn about founder and author Jakob Algreen-ussing and our company.