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Getting Started with the Quantum Company
You have a few choices if you want to tap into the power of the Quantum Movement.

Want to Be A Quantum Company? Get Going Now
First test your company against the 6 powers of a Quantum Company and see where you company are strong and see where you can improve and empower your business even further here and now.
Sign up for the Quantum Compass and see what motivates you on a deeper level.
You will learn about the 6 powers, and test how your company is doing up against the 6 powers. Once you do that, get started and contact us.

Do I need to Prepare Anything?
You don’t have to prepare, just sign up for any or all of three online education programmes available:

  • The personal manifest programme,
  • The 6 powers of a Quantum Company programme
  • The Quantum Company – 10 steps to make it happen.
  • If you are looking for investment capital and want to become part of our tight knit group of Quantum Companies, learn more about what a Quantum Company is and then get in touch with us, we will walk you through the process.

If you are a startup or a smaller company, or if you are just a do it yourself type of entrepreneur, you can sign up for the Quantum Company – 10 Steps to make it happen online educational programme and get started right now.
You can also learn more about what it takes to become a Quantum Company,  learn about Jakob Algreen-ussing, and our company and it’s track record. You can also learn more about the process of transforming your company into a Quantum Company.

What is my risk in getting started?
There is no risk in getting started with the online programmes other than the small cost of purchasing some of our programs. You can take the Quantum Compass test for free and in the Quantum Company 10 steps is our flagship programme where you will learn how to facilitate and Quantum Company transformation process in your own company. They make total sense and are simple and easy to implement and can be applied to any business. By joining the online education programmes you learn more about what it means to be a Quantum Company.
You simply sign up for the online programme and get started here and now.
Immediately you get the insights to develop and grow your company and make it happen today.

Do I Belong to the Quantum Company Tribe?
If you believe that living your deeper passion and doing good for the world will lead you to extraordinary returns in the long run, the fundamental beliefs are in resonate with you, you will fit in with us.
When becoming a part of the Akasha United group you become a member of a large group of companies that can support you in multiple ways. Right now you can mingle with our tribe on our Community page.
Join in and ask questions, while you are at it you can also read some of our Success Stories.

Can I become a Quantum Company Investor?
We also invite partners to invest alongside Akasha Group. As co investment partners we work with senior entrepreneurs and angel investors building a joint portfolio of companies within a particular field or category.
We suggest that you do some of the online educational programmes and learn more about our approach and methodologies.
We work with family offices and institutional investors on an ad-hoc basis or on a joint venture basis where we build and transform a joint portfolio of companies.
Also you can contact us right now and we can explore the possibilities in a collaboration.

About Being a Strategic Partner
If what we do resonates with you and your business possible there is a great possibility that we can help you grow your company to a whole different level. When you join the Akasha Group you get access to the full framework, methodologies, best practices and tools. Also you enter a network of highly professional entrepreneurs and business professionals who live their passion, create extraordinary profits while doing good for the world.
You can do use our online resources and read the book The Quantum Company. If you wish you can contact for further discussion on how and whether it makes sense to become a partner .

Working with Us
Normally we simply spend time together to explore how a collaboration would work. Very often we actually start working with the development of a company and start exploring ways to improve, grow and mature the company.
Since we believe in living what is truly us and our deeper passion, you get to meet a lot of passionate, professional and inspiring people that can help and support your process.
You can read more information about our founder Jakob Algreen-Ussing and you can contact us for a personal conversation on how we can partner up and what that means.