In quest of passion

We all spend our lives looking for the one true thing that makes us happy, but sometimes we don’t know where to start from. A way to begin could be discovering our inner passion.  Some say that finding this passion is nothing more than a myth. This is the stance explained also in this article written by Vibha Dhawan. I agree with the fact that some of us take longer to find their passion, but I can’t say it is a myth altogether. My opinion is that each and every one of us has a passion within ourselves, no matter if we know it already or not. But how do we start discovering our passion? Let’s start from these three ideas inspired from the article mentioned above.

Write everyday

It is important to place your thoughts on paper and in this way let the clutter out of your overworked mind once a day. Do not expect to have a revelation or discover the existential truth about the world. Think of this technique as a mind cleanse. Writing helps you get rid of the old and make room for the new. Also, being able to read out loud your thoughts will put things into perspective and help you acknowledge what is that particular thing that lights you up inside-out.

Date yourself

Take a timeout once in a while. This is meant to be a ‘stop and smell the roses’ kind of attitude. You need to do something on your own, alone with yourself.  You should not involve any of your friends or family, but only unfamiliar faces. Try something new like taking dance or horse riding lessons, or any other activity that you have never immersed yourself into before. This specific step is about newness and enjoyment of your inner self. Trying something new opens your horizons and it might just bring you closer to finding your passion.

Be still

Spend a few minutes a day to just be. You don’t have to do anything during this time. You shouldn’t try to control your thoughts or business ideas. Just let them flood your mind and see where they take you. Don’t analyze or evaluate them. Just let them come and go.

If the implementation of these tips does not bring sufficient results, you can also tryout a webinar by Jakob Algreen-Ussing which can help you get to know the power of who you truly are. His approach is designed to empower you to live your deeper passion and inspiration. And it can be applied in everyday life.

The fabulous techniques I wrote here today are going to make you pay more attention to your inner self. I know they made me do it. They are also going to reiterate what you’ve already known: happiness is a state of mind that is easily achieved if you are living your passion. And your passion is within you, looking forward to be fully taken advantage of.

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