Work with Jakob

We are looking from partners from all over the world.

We work with clients and partners within the following areas:

1. Akasha Change

Quantum Thinking in development

Key note speaking engagements on The Quantum Company,  lead 10 steps to make it happen seminars, provide board governance, teach the power of entrepreneurship, develop ways companies can save the world, by transforming the world one company at a time, help companies strategically embrace the power of the net as it continues to change the world, empower and engage authenticity in business

2. Akasha Change

Corporate Advisory
– We provide Advisory for boards, CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and businessowners. We review, facilitate and help CEOs, boards, entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to transform  their business into power business of the future.

Akasha typically work at Board level, either as a formal member of the Board or affiliated with it. In collaboration with the management, Akasha  provide support in identifying and implement the actions required to create value for all stakeholders. We Provide an extensive network of external specialist resources eg. consultants and professionals who may be involved at appropriate times to support and maximize the company’s progress and value creation.

Akasha’s role and involvement is tailored to each company’s needs. We cover the spectrum from ad hoc sparing partner for the board, owners and management, to assessment of the entire value chain and revenue generation process.

In addition to working with individual companies Akasha also engage in active ownership and thereby manage a portfolio of businesses. In these cases Akasha assist with coaching on development of individual companies, as described below. We establish an integrated solution for a value-creation and corporate management,


3. Akasha Ventures

Investment Opportunities
-We participate in joint ventures, investment and co investment in global niche companies
that have the potential to become Quantum Companies.

Akasha Ventures is dedicated to support entrepreneurs around the world and all the important work they do aims at making the world a better place to live, play and enjoy in a sustainable way.  Akasha Ventures is dedicated to working for the common good and helping entrepreneurs see the deeper significance of what they do. A fundamental question we ask is: is this important for you? Is this important for you in relation to your family and the people you know professionally and privately? Is this important for you to give to the world? If not, why bother?

Entrepreneurs are by nature strong in manifesting change and development. They can often draw others’ attention. They often work from intuition and deeper wisdom and if they work from their heart, their deeper sense of being and their deeper mind, they often create good for the world.

Akasha Ventures is an entrepreneurial movement. It is a set up that helps entrepreneurs make it happen. We are a network of entrepreneurs who wish to help other entrepreneurs make it happen.

Let us all join forces and make it happen