Free Introduction to the 6 Powers of a Quantum Company

The Six powers enable you to build a next-generation company. A company managed and structured primarily on the basis of its energy is what I call a Quantum Company. Not only is this entity organized to provide immense value; it has the potential to be significantly profitable and highly competitive, even in a small niche market. One of the key reasons is that the intention of it is to reach a global market. Because this value is recognized, it is supported both internally and externally by a devoted tribe and the members of it’s business network. .

The Quantum Company module allows you test your company against the Six Powers of the Quantum Company. It helps you to understand where the company can be further developed and gain more power.

As part of this process – you will find that it is fun to see the six powers unfold – and by bringing them together in alignment you can take your company to a whole new level. You will be able to lead and guide the company and you will become invaluable to everyone around you, since you will be able to explain where and why the company is able to reach its full potential.

This module is offered free of charge –  at the very minimum you will gain powerful insights into the future and how emerging and powerful companies are designed.

If you enjoy this module, and find the insights both powerful and useful- you can read further in the book ”The Quantum Company- How to Live your Passion and Create Extraordinary Profits While Doing Good for the World.” In the book you will gain a deeper understanding of the process, methodologies used in developing and transforming a Quantum Company.

Every single company we have partnered with has felt the deep transformation of their business

The 6 powers of a Quantum Company makes sense from any company wanting to enable people to live their passion, create extraordinary profits while doing good for the world.

Companies who align themselves with the Six Powers become more powerful and authentic

With the 6 powers we have empowered all our companies to double and triple in size  within the last 12-18 months.

All the companies that we support use these tools on different levels.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Whole Foods, Virgin are classic examples of Quantum companies in the wild.

When you use it you build a powerful relationship to other people around you. Suddenly you will be able to explain what would improve from further attention and focus.

You will get the understanding what really makes a company powerful.

Anyone who wishes to build a Quantum Company can benefit from these understandings. Even you will be able to test the power of your company up against the 6 Powers of a Quantum Company and you will be able to test and see where further work and focus could be valuable. Having a test and a proven methodology creates a common ground for the creation of changes and developments to a company.

Getting to know the 6 Powers of a Quantum Company will enable you to articulate what makes a company powerful.

Testing your company will give you an insight into which areas the company could benefit from further development. Often a lot of the elements and the individual structures of a Quantum Company are in place. Having getting them into alignment is key to the development of a powerful company.

It has been an uttermost pleasure and deep experience to get to know Jakob. He is highly experienced on his field and have folded out his competences throughout our mutual company, I can highly recommend Jakob as a business partner in future projects. Apart from the business side of things, Jakob has a very warm, open-minded and friendly persona that is wins in every social interaction.

– Nicolai Schneekloth, Founder & CEO,