Akasha Ventures

Akasha Ventures is an entrepreneurial movement where spirit and business meet.  We help passionate entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams in flow. We support entrepreneurs to manifest The Field through business. Together we build leading business networks for the quantum era. We set an example and help the world to transform into a deeper place of enlightenment.

We are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs around the world and all the important work they do aims at making the world a better place to live, play and enjoy in a sustainable way. Entrepreneurs are by nature strong in manifesting change and development. They can often draw others’ attention. They often work from intuition and deeper wisdom and if they work from their heart, their deeper sense of being and their deeper mind, they often create good for the world.

We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs see the deeper significance of what they do. A fundamental question we ask is: is this important for you? Is this important for you in relation to your family and the people you know professionally and privately? Is this important for you to give to the world? If not, why bother?