My Story

My true passion is entrepreneurship – and I believe that business should be carried out in such a way as to make it an adventurous and passion-filled.

I began my journey investing in businesses at the age of 24 – and began seeing results within a year. Since then I have had the pleasure to be involved in founding several multi-million dollar companies as well as an investor, chairman, board member and advisor on entrepreneurship, personal development, corporate development and venture capital investment.

Akasha Ventures
As the founder of Akasha Ventures, I have devoted my life to helping entrepreneurs live their passion and authentic essence through business. Akasha Ventures is a global entrepreneurial venture network and movement that supports entrepreneurs and leaders in building profitable and sustainable businesses in a deep and meaningful way. In addition, it supports them in creating business networks and movements that enable them to achieve prosperity and happiness while doing good for the world. Already a player in the new way of doing business, Akasha Ventures holds a portfolio of companies that do business in countries in Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, and the Americas. Please contact us if you are an investor interested in our companies.

In the spring/summerof 2012, I will release my first book, The Quantum Company, which outlines the methods that I have used to build successful companies. The book has been inspired by my own experiences in building companies – and I hope to share the lessons I have learned with other individuals who believe in the power of insightful business.

Check Out a Short Video on what I’ve Learned Throughout the Years.

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