A post about #Quantum thinking or why you should do what you feel like doing

To lead your own way or not to lead your own way – this is a question hard to answer sometimes. Schlesinger, Kiefer and Brown have written a great piece on how important it is to pursue your dreams and to do what makes you happy.

We all know that but when it comes to deciding if we quit our job and try to make a living out of a hobby, the decision can be hard an painful. A trade-off is rarely a good thing if you are not convinced the sacrifice you make will be worthy.

The Quantum philosophy can be something which can help you look upon doing business from another perspective. A Quantum company also originates from happiness. A Quantum company boils down to what you enjoy doing and how you can make money out of it. Jakob Algreen-Ussing is the person who has created the Quantum philosophy. He has based it upon his personal experience as an entrepreneur and his experience with what really works and matters in business.

The Quantum philosophy is founded upon the notion that every company is an energetic entity. There are six powers which underpin a Quantum company. More importantly, the entrepreneur aligns such a company with their soul mission, personal beliefs and values. As a result of this approach a Quantum company emerges from the entrepreneur’s passion. You can read more about the Quantum philosophy here.

So should you do what you love or keep doing what helps you keep your standard high? This is a dilemma which forces you to choose between long term happiness and short term salary. It’s always hard to take such a decision. Especially if you are short on money. We all know this. But when we take a look around us, what do we see? Are our friends doing what they like? Or are they doing what they do to earn more money?

by Plamena Todorova, Community manager at Akasha Ventures